Leaders United

Leaders United is FYA’s youth-led leadership committee for 15-to-24-year-olds. This team works on FYA’s national policy campaigns and plans the annual Leaders for Change Conference in Washington, D.C. One or two representatives from each of FYA’s current partners come together one to two times per month through video conference to work on these important projects. Leaders United is also the primary way that FYA helps our youth leaders connect, share, and learn about the advocacy they and their peers are doing in their respective home states.

2017 Members

Monique Brown

Monique Brown is an advocate from Maine’s Youth Leadership Advisory Team (YLAT). She has been involved with her organization for about four years and with Leaders United for two years. She has always been known as a natural born leader. Monique was very bossy when she was little and now is always the first to come up with ideas and volunteer for roles.

Chalyce Hurt

Chalyce Hurt is a member of Idaho’s Foster Youth Advisory Board (IFYAB). She has been with IFYAB for four years. Chay wants to work for the FBI someday as a forensic scientist or detective.

Tiara Tee Mosley

Tiara Tee Mosley has been a leader with Iowa’s Achieving Maximum Potential (AMP) since she was 13. Tee is a chapter leader and a college student. She is known for always putting others before herself and is a very open-minded person.

Shimaine Quimbley

Shimaine Quimbley is an amazing advocate from Georgia EmpowerMEnt. When she is not trying to change the foster care system, she loves to crochet and make blankets.

Brian Schreiber

Brian Schreiber is a leader from Nebraska’s Connected Youth Initiative. He has been a youth organizer for a little over a year. When Brian is not serving as a leader, you can find him writing or making music. Read more about him here: www.fosteryouthaction.org/meet-brian



  • Regular attendance on our 60-90 minute video-conference meetings through end of November
  • Participation in at least one additional committee (steering, campaign, or conference) – up to 5 one-hour committee calls
  • Keeping the rep’s group up-to-date on our national campaign and conference planning
  • Connecting with peers in their state group about national campaign priorities and what they want out of the Leaders for Change Conference
  • Access to a smartphone or computer with a video camera for our video conference meetings
  • Current active participant in the state group you represent


  • Your name, photo, and bio on this website!
  • Access to Skill building & leadership opportunities
  • Ability to connect with lots of other young leaders
  • Play a significant role in planning and leading activities at the annual Leaders for Change Conference
  • Help set our National Youth Agenda and connect with influential policy makers

Selection of Youth Representatives

Each current FYA partner can have one youth leader ages 15-24 serve on the Leaders United team. FYA partner organizations are responsible for selecting the youth to serve. Past leadership experience is not required. We encourage partners to consider selecting youth reps that may not have had this type of experience in the past. Most important is the ability of the youth to make a genuine effort to represent the voice of his or her group and state. Also, past members are welcome to return for an additional one-year term as mentors and supporters for the new group of youth reps. Requirements for participation apply to returning members.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there an application to fill out?

Yes, but only for us to get contact information and a brief bio for the youth you select.

2. Who chooses the youth to serve?

Unlike past years, where we made it optional for groups to choose a youth or apply to FYA directly, FYA partners should make the decisions themselves to ensure that you are selecting the person you want to best represent your group.

3. Can last year’s representative be our sole representative?

FYA requests that you select a new youth to serve each year regardless of whether your rep from last year continues as a year-two mentor. In this way, we build a leadership pipeline and provide opportunities for new youth to assume leadership roles.