What Youth Say About FYA Trainings and Conferences

  • “2014 Leaders for Change was one of the best experiences I have had in foster care.”
  • “FYA’s staff has taught me invaluable facilitating, public speaking, and leadership skills, which have all shaped who I am today, and what I am capable of accomplishing.”
  • “Being here deepened my commitment about what we can accomplish.”
  • “You gave me more hope.”
  • “Today I learned I can use my voice and I’m going to.”
  • “I now know I can use my experience to make a good change.”


What Allies Say About FYA Trainings and Conferences

  • “I’m impressed and proud of what I hear, what I see, what I learn and what I feel from the young people. I so much appreciate the format of ‘here’s a problem or concern and here are some suggestions that we have to correct the issue.’ This is a very solution-focused, non-judgmental approach; everyone can come away with a positive experience.” – Kevin George, child welfare official who attended policy conference organized by foster youth with guidance and support from FYA
  • “This conference was an incredible journey for our youth to start their leadership development.” – Betsy Fordyce, Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center.
  • “I grew up in foster care and see the tremendous value of Foster Youth in Action as it empowers foster youth to engage in public policy advocacy that will bring about positive change for all foster youth. Youth receive training to speak out about their experiences in care and are transformed into powerful leaders and advocates. – David Madson, Donor.


“The recruitment and retention tools that FYA provides have been really helpful to us. Thanks, FYA, for these wonderful opportunities and your partnership.”
Sarah Bess Hudson, Georgia Empowerment


“We were fortunate enough to have [FYA trainers] Jayette and Tonya come out for an accelerated weekend of training where had time to look at our own skills and lay them out, as well as our visions and get them all on paper, start to vote and create our mission and vision and how we would execute these things. It was an intense 48 hours, tons of fun.”
Hasan, founding member of NYC’s FACE

“Oregon Foster Youth Connection is the best thing that has happened to Oregon foster youth in a long time. We don’t know how you’ve lived. You need to tell me about it and how to make it better. What you have accomplished in such a short time is huge.”
Peter Buckley, Member of the Oregon House of Representatives and Co-Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee