An Open letter to the Foster Youth in Action Community

Christie Renick/ November 9, 2016/ FYA

November 9th, 2016

Dear Friends, colleagues, allies, and partners,

This election has shown the deep divisions in this country and is a stark reminder of how important it is for us to remain united in our struggle for justice. Our country is divided, but Foster Youth in Action (FYA) remains deeply committed to working across states and other lines that divide us. Now more than ever we must work together in unity and common purpose.

For the many young people in the FYA family reaching out through social media to convey their pain and anguish over yesterday’s events, we hear you. We commit that FYA will continue to be a space for you to feel safe, feel heard, feel loved, and have a voice.

The results of election have stunned many of us, and reveal the anger, suffering and despair that folks across this country feel. Now, more than ever, we need your voice, your energy, your expertise, your love, and your sense of hope as we heal deep wounds and continue the fight for justice. We will be there with you.

We must continue forward, and let’s do it together, with love and common purpose. Let us take these steps hand-in-hand, connected, aware and mindful of the realities we face.

We welcome your thoughts, perspectives, and comments on how we continue to move forward.

In Community and Love,
Matt and Anna, Foster Youth in Action