FYA Partners

If you would like more information on how to become a program partner, please contact Matt Rosen, Executive Director.


FYA partners are youth-led advocacy groups from all over the United States. These partners are securely funded, stable, community-based organizations who recognize their own potential and are committed to increasing their effectiveness as advocates.

FYA program partners will

  • Embrace the values of true youth engagement and leadership
  • Have current and former foster youth recently out of care as committed members of their advocacy group
  • Have adequate local adult support
  • Have appropriate administrative and financial support
  • Demonstrate that they can support and sustain these advocacy programs long term

Benefits of Being an FYA Program Partner

  • Customized services (training, coaching, and online resources) based on stated vision and goals
  • Excellent trainers who all share a history in foster care
  • A leadership/advocacy coach for support
  • Access to online learning and resources
  • Opportunity for foster youth in program partners around the United States to meet and learn from each other at the FYA annual Leaders for Change national conference
  • Participation in a national evaluation project on positive youth development and well being

How to Become a Program Partner

The Process

  • Foster Youth in Action (FYA) seeks youth groups and community-based organizations whose purpose and values align with ours and who are committed to foster youth-led leadership and advocacy
  • FYA staff meet in person with both youth and organization staff to discuss services and goals
  • Interested groups review membership levels and provide background information on their goals
  • Agreement is reached by youth, the agency, and FYA to work together
  • Program partners and FYA complete a scope of work and the agency pays a membership fee
  • FYA schedules a visioning session with the youth that results in blueprint for engagement for the year

Core Principles of Foster Youth in Action and Program Partners

  • As consumers of our child welfare services, foster youth must be engaged in meaningful ways in the development of policies and practices that affect their lives
  • Members are both current and former foster youth
  • Youth are the decision-makers about their group’s policy and leadership goals and develop their own advocacy agenda
  • The value of true youth engagement (creating a youth-directed, youth-run group) is affirmed at all levels of the organization, including board and staff
  • Adult supporters encourage a developmental process that allows youth to acquire leadership and advocacy skills that give them the ability to take responsibility for implementing their group’s goals
  • Participation in FYA’s multi-state research project on the impact and effectiveness of youth-led advocacy trainings on well-being and positive development (highly encouraged)