Maine Youth Leadership Advisory Team

YLAT Logo and speaker pics

Name: Youth Leadership Advisory Team (“YLAT”)

Location: Maine

Representing: ~1,600 young people in foster care

Mission: YLAT members help to educate the community about the needs and challenges of youth in foster care!


Description: YLAT is a dynamic group of young leaders and adult partners working together to improve outcomes for youth in foster care. YLAT members take on this work with a sense of duty and on behalf of all youth who come in contact with the child welfare system. Strong youth-adult partnerships create a foundation for YLAT’s success and play a powerful role in improving foster care experiences for all youth in care in Maine.

YLAT’s youth leaders and adult partners:

• Bring Expertise
• Exercise Leadership
• Change and Grow through Participation
• Are Included Fully
• Give and Receive Respect