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Bianca Buckridee Steps on to FYA's Board of Directors

Posted on July 30, 2018

We are so pleased to welcome Bianca Buckridee into our FYA family as our newest board member!  

She's an incredible leader, with deep marketing and social media expertise and a strong commitment to giving back.   

In her day job, Bianca is product marketing manager at BMC, where she is responsible for developing marketing strategy and messaging for Digital Workplace, Digital Service, and the BMC Chatbot. Bianca previously led Social Media Operations at JPMorgan Chase and SunTrust, where she pioneered new customer service experiences and built the operational and technological model to interact with customers via Twitter and Facebook. She’s also taught kindergarten and third grade proving there is no challenge she won’t accept.  

FYA asked Bianca why serving on our board of directors was important to her. Here's what she told us. "I grew up in foster care and moved from home to home with my belongings in a black trash bag. Even though I've been incredibly blessed in my adult life, I've never forgotten how belittled and devalued that made me feel. I want to be part of the groundswell where foster kids are transforming themselves into powerhouses. Being on the board is important to me because I can be a voice and bring awareness to stakeholders who can help us have even more impact."